What is an associate broker?

You may come across the term associate broker, and think how exactly is that different from a normal broker or a salesperson?

Associate brokers only apply to some states

First off, it’s important to note that associate brokers only exist in certain states. If you are not sure if associate brokers exist in your state, a simple Google query should help.

Associate brokers are “in between” normal brokers and salespeople

Associate brokers technically have the same exact qualifications as normal brokers. They even take the same exact test. But, they do not want to run a real estate business on their own. So, instead they work for another broker – and work under that other broker’s license.

Associate brokers don’t have their own business location

So, associate brokers are similar to salespeople because neither of them have their very own business location, and they both need a ‘sponsoring’ broker. But, they are different from salespeople because they have a higher level of licensing.