Real estate ad without brokerage name

Real estate agent Jefferson puts out an ad for a property where he represents the seller.  Jefferson does not state his own name in the ad.  This is:

  1.  false advertising and is illegal
  2.  a blind ad and is illegal
  3.  a blind ad and is legal if he puts the address of the home he is selling.
  4.  misleading advertising, which is unethical, but still legal.

B – a blind ad is illegal because real estate professionals must identify themselves completely in any ad they put out.

A “blind” real estate ad leaves out :

  • name of the licensee
  • name of the seller for privacy reasons.
  • The address of the property being sold
  • The phone number of the licensee

Finally, as with many states, “blind advertisements” are prohibited (i.e. an advertisement that provides only a telephone number, post office box, or newspaper box but not the name of the licensee).