Curable depreciation meaning

In depreciation, whether an item that needs repair is curable or incurable depends on:

  1.  the cost of the repair
  2.  the cost of repairs relative to the value added by the repairs
  3.  the value added by the repairs
  4.  whether or not it can actually be repaired

The answer is B.  Curable depreciation means that if repairs and/or remodeling are undertaken, the expense/cost of the repairs will be less than the value added to the property.  For example, suppose you have to pay $10,000 to fix your bathroom, but the value added to your home by fixing your bathroom is $5,000 – then this is considered incurable since the value added is less than the cost of the repairs.  If the value added is $10,000 or more then it would be considered to be curable.